Nashville Pagan Pride Day


Merchant Row


Rain’s Obsessive Stitchery - Sewn, embroidered and/or dyed gifts and housewares.  Includes embroidered/embellished tarot bags, altar cloths, towels, totes, T-shirts and aprons; printed mugs, stationery and fabric; and hand-dyed yarn and silks.

The Druid’s Den -  Hand built, one of a kind ceramics.

Draconis Arcanum - Books, herbs, oils, divination sets, tools and other curios focusing on American Folk Magic and Witchcraft. Featuring handcrafted items made by advanced practitioners of several American traditions.

White Mojo - Hoodoo oils, hoodoo powders, Lucky Mojo brand products, shamanic oils and incense, soaps, essential oils, natural body care.

Treasures, Stones & Crystals - Journals, Wind Chimes, Jewelry, Amulets, Herb Chest, Tapestries, Altar Bells, Chalice, Dragon Gifts ware, Statuary, Altar Tiles, Wands, Besoms.

Laura Medeiros - Art jewelry and accessories

Pink Poodle Jewelry and Crafts - Various crafts and jewelry, plaques, Pagan themed art and jewelry

Paula Adams - Children's books and illustrations

I Sew Mean - Embroidered lace jewelry, embroidered toys

Readers and Energy Work

Kym Walker - Intuitive readings