Nashville Pagan Pride Day


Merchant Row


Higher Vibe Store - Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry with Semi Precious Stones

Black Cat Creative - Handmade pendants, earrings and magnets with themes of feminine power, gothic beauty, and whimsical nostalgia.

The Druid’s Den -  Ceramics and jewelry

Mystical Heart Spiritual Center - Incense, oils, tapestries, statues, tarot, candles, etc.

The Black Poppy Emporium - Jewelry, pottery, magnets, hats, clothing, candles, etc

Rain’s Obsessive Stitchery - Sewn, embroidered and/or dyed gifts and housewares.  Includes embroidered/embellished tarot bags, altar cloths, towels, totes, T-shirts and aprons; printed mugs, stationery and fabric; and hand-dyed yarn and silks.

Draconis Arcanum - Books, herbs, oils, divination sets, tools and other curios focusing on American Folk Magic and Witchcraft. Featuring handcrafted items made by advanced practitioners of several American traditions.

I Sew Mean -   Embroidered toys, jewelry and tchotchkes

Crystal Creations - We sell jewelry of many types and sell quartz crystals and other minerals in many forms.

Citizen Skin Care - Natural Skin Care products

Pink Poodle Jewelry and Crafts - Various crafts and jewelry, plaques, Pagan themed art and jewelry

Treasures, Stones & Crystals - Book Of Shadows (leather journals), Athames (Basic to Ornate), Amulets, Pendants, Statuary, Horns, Tapestries, Ritual items and lots more.

Zoewyn  - Art jewelry and accessories.  Whimsical designs featuring dragons, fairies, mermaids. Things with wings, things with tentacles. Jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair ornaments. Accessories include boxes, candle holders and chachkis

Kari’s Clay Creations - Jewelry and craft merchandise.  Home decor items

The Sacred Writer - We are all sacred writers and we all have a story to tell. The Dream of the Sacred is expressing itself through all of us every moment. The Sacred Writer creates a sacred space for the personal expression of one’s own heart and truth. The Sacred Writer offers classes, workshops and individual coaching to assist you in staying connected with the Divine voice that is within all of us. There are many ways we can assist you in connecting with your centered, luminous self.

Readers and Energy Work

Kelly McCullough - Empathic and intuitive readings,Psychometry readings, stones and crystal energy work sessions, release negative energy, balance chakras, clear etheric fields.

Yvonne Faroqui -  Tarot Readings

Kym Walker - Intuitive readings

The Place for Reiki - Unique mini Reiki sessions which may include channeling of Native American Spirits, the addition of drums/rattles to intensify the Reiki energies, and messages from loved ones and spirit guides. What happens in each session is determined by what you need at the time that you receive the energy. Some sessions may be completely silent because that's what you need. Sessions are 20 minutes for $20.

Kiki Dombrowski - Tarot  readings