Community Row

Crooked Crossroads Society – We follow our own tradition known as Primitive Witchery, which incorporates American Folk Magic, the Crooked & Poison Paths, Hedge Witchery, Spiritism, Hearth/Kitchen Witchery, Wortcunning, and some Trad Craft.

The Crooked Crossroads Society was originally established in 2006 as an eclectic Pagan coven known as Circle of the Hallowed Moon. After our founder was called to move the coven towards the direction of her own and others’ natural paths of Primitive/New World Witchery, Spiritism, & Trad Craft in 2010, the coven reorganized and rededicated as the Crooked Crossroads Society at Walpurgisnacht in 2011.

The Crooked Crossroads Society is an initiatory, oath, and blood-bound coven. We have a leader and an assistant leader, and we do differentiate between our initiates and non-initiates but are otherwise non-hierarchical. We offer a 13-month educational curriculum, covering everything pertaining to the coven’s path and general functions. Initiation is by invitation only, by consensus of our current initiates, and only after initiation requirements have been met.

We meet for full and dark moons, typically on the weekends closest to them, and we hold observances on two quarter and cross-quarter days every year (along with several smaller celebrations decided upon at the beginning of the year). We also hold several meet & greets, community-based rituals, and other events per year. Look us up on Facebook for more information.

Semper tenebra et lux par – An eclectic pagan group that embraces hands-on teaching and learning to further our individual spiritual paths.

We have been in the Mid-TN area for about 6 years. An eclectic pagan group that embraces hands-on teaching and learning to further our individual spiritual paths. We enjoy meeting twice a month for moon, sabbat, or to have a class. Check us out on Facebook.

Coven of the Sacred Trinity – British Traditional Witchcraft. We were started in 2015 by Robert and Dawn (Elsa) Rook, for the purpose of education and helping our community.

Murfreesboro Pagans – Murfreesboro pagan group started in Yahoo groups around 2004. We met at the Red Rose in Murfreesboro, a coffee shop/record store. Shayla Crooks started Pagans Night Out in Murfreesboro. It has had many manifestations of folks who took responsibility over the years. It has since moved to Facebook in 2014 with Elsa Pendragon with Magdalena Koudelka as a Moderator for monthly gatherings. Check us out on Facebook.