Community Row

Crooked Crossroads Society – We follow our own tradition known as Primitive Witchery, which incorporates American Folk Magic, the Crooked & Poison Paths, Hedge Witchery, Spiritism, Hearth/Kitchen Witchery, Wortcunning, and some Trad Craft.

Founded in 2006, the Crooked Crossroads Society is one of the oldest continuously running covens in Nashville. We follow our own tradition of witchcraft, rooted in Primitive Witchery, American Folk Magic, Spiritism/Spiritualism, & Traditional Witchcraft.

We’re an initiatory, oath and blood-bound coven consisting of both initiates and other members. We believe in honor & service to our ancestors, our community, & to one another. We meet twice per month on Full & Dark Moons for workshops, rituals, & other activities, and we celebrate several seasonal festivals every year as well.

Find us on Facebook for more information or to join our classroom!

Semper tenebra et lux par – An eclectic pagan group that embraces hands-on teaching and learning to further our individual spiritual paths.

We have been in the Mid-TN area for about 6 years. An eclectic pagan group that embraces hands-on teaching and learning to further our individual spiritual paths. We enjoy meeting twice a month for moon, sabbat, or to have a class. Check us out on Facebook.

Coven of the Sacred Trinity – British Traditional Witchcraft. We were started in 2015 by Robert and Dawn (Elsa) Rook, for the purpose of education and helping our community.

Murfreesboro Pagans – Murfreesboro pagan group started in Yahoo groups around 2004. We met at the Red Rose in Murfreesboro, a coffee shop/record store. Shayla Crooks started Pagans Night Out in Murfreesboro. It has had many manifestations of folks who took responsibility over the years. It has since moved to Facebook in 2014 with Elsa Pendragon with Magdalena Koudelka as a Moderator for monthly gatherings. Check us out on Facebook.

Raven Moon Hearth – A group of motivated, Germanic Heathens in Middle Tennessee. We are a non-racist/nonpolitical tribe of doers.

We pride ourselves on our no-nonsense approach to Heathenry. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty, and we love being outdoors. We honor the Gods, our Ancestors, and all the spirits of the Northern Tradition.

We describe ourselves as “Pan-Germanic Heathens” because our traditions come from a wide variety of Germanic origins. Some of us celebrate the revitalization of our ways from the standpoint of our German ancestors, or from those of Saxon origin, and some still celebrate those ways from ancient Scandinavia with which it seems people are most familiar. Though some of us may hail the God of Thunder by the name Donar, some of us by Thor, and still others by the name Thunor, we recognize his universal influence and proudly call him Brother.

Thus it is with all the Aesir and the Vanir. We do not ascribe to any dogma and neither do we force our members to believe a certain way. We are tolerant. Some of us have a very literal understanding of the Gods and Goddesses while others prefer a more poetic approach. We encourage this diversity, and we proudly claim the title, Heathen, as our own.

We, like our ancient Germanic ancestors, are accepting of all peoples and all cultures save those who actively harm others. We believe that different peoples have their own understandings of the Divine and that this knowledge to them is as important as ours is to us. We do NOT condone ANY form of racism, hatred, or intolerance. We actively war against this tragic misapprehension as we believe it stains not only us and our traditions but also our Ancestors. The Germanic peoples of ancient times were powerful warriors, brilliant poets, and expert sailors. They acted as we strive to do with COURAGE and FIDELITY to our beliefs. Their contact with virtually every culture in the world has been established. They traveled all through the lands of Europe and the Middle East. We strive to rekindle this spirit of friendship and adventure. We strive to do HONOR to our Ancestors. We strive to promote SELF-RELIANCE and HOSPITALITY. We believe that we have found TRUTH in the DISCIPLINE of the Northern Tradition, and we will always PERSEVERE through whatever the Norns weave for us.

This is who we are. We are strength. We are unity. We are humble and yet we will proudly boast of our accomplishments. We are our Ancestors. We are their traditions. We are new traditions yet to be formed. We are the Doers! We are HEATHEN! We are RAVEN MOON HEARTH!

Dragon Haven – A safe space for pagans of all paths to get together and observe the wheel of the year.

Dragon Haven is a gorgeous 14 acres here in TN. We have wooded areas, fish ponds, a huge fairy garden, and a 60ft stone circle built to ritual in. We welcome all paths and have been working hard to build an amazing community. The grounds are available for any pagan group to come use. We have camping sites (primitive) available for use. We also welcome weddings and have 2 ordained officiants to legally perform handfastings or weddings. We get together and have gatherings to celebrate the wheel of the year together. It always includes a potluck feast, ritual, and giant bonfire in the circle where people can drum and dance.

We are 100% free. We don’t charge anything to attend or use the facility.
We are kid/family friendly. There is a kids’ pavilion where parents can sit and talk to other parents while the kids play. There is always a craft for kids centered around the holiday we are gathering for. We host free paganism 101 classes. We also have a teen program for older kids.

The Troth – Inclusive Norse tradition heathenry.

The Troth was founded by Edred Thorsson and James Chisholm on December 20, 1987, as The Ring of Troth.

The Troth is an international Heathen organization based in the United States and is a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Texas. Additionally, The Troth is recognized by the state of New York as a 501(c)(3) Charity.

The Troth is open to all who seek to know and to worship the Gods, honor the ancestors, and live by the values of the Germanic Heathen traditions, regardless of tradition, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, gender, or family structure.

The Troth stands against any use of Germanic religion or religious symbols to advance causes of racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, or white supremacy.