Oberon Zell – Oberon Zell is a renowned Wizard and Elder in the global magickal community. In 1967 he was the first to claim the identity of “Pagan,” incorporating the first Pagan Church of All Worlds in 1968. Publishing Green Egg magazine for more than 50 years, he was instrumental in the coalescence of the modern Pagan movement. In 1970, he published the earliest version of “The Gaea Thesis.” In the 1980s, Oberon and his wife Morning Glory resurrected authentic living Unicorns. In 1990, they coined the term “polyamory,” thus launching another movement. Oberon creates altar figurines and jewelry and is the author of Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard and other books. His latest book is GaeaGenesis: Conception & Birth of the Living Earth Oberon is also the Founder and Headmaster of the online Grey School of Wizardry.

Rev Don Lewis – Rev. Don Lewis is the Co-Founder of Witch School, the world’s largest school of Magic and Metaphysics. Rev. Don Lewis is Retired First Priest of the Correllian Tradition, as well as an Arch Priest of Isis in the FOI and a Knight Commander in the Noble Order of Tara. Rev. Don is the author of the Correllian Degree Lessons, Great Women of Antiquity, and Rev. Don’s Super-Omnibus of Magickal Incantations and Invocations for All Occasions, among other works! Rev. Don is also Production Head of Magick TV and host of the daily show “Midday with Rev. Don.”

Christine Grace, M.Div., M.Ed. Christine Grace is a longtime teacher of the craft and a founder of the Forest’s Edge Tradition of witchcraft. Her book, The Witch at the Forest’s Edge: Thirteen Keys to Modern Traditional Witchcraft, is rooted in the animist, local, and folkloric orientation of the Tradition. Workshop: Spiritual Community: The Care and Feeding of Magical Groups

Papa Gee is the chosen magickal name for Gregory Lee White, the author of more than twelve books on folklore, folk magic, and crafting. He is an artist, tarot reader, aromatherapist, and rootworker, and teaches classes on American folk magic. He has been offering his magical and spiritual services for over 20 years. His 2012 book, “Making Soap from Scratch,” was an Amazon Bestseller in soap-making books for over 18 months. Some of his more recent books are “Casting Love Spells,” “Hex Appeal,” and “Fairy Lore and Myths.” Gregory and his husband own the popular metaphysical store aromaG’s Botanica, where they host the annual event, the Tennessee Folk Magic Festival.

Debra L. Burris PhD, (she/her) professor of Physics and Astronomy, Author of Weather Magic: Witchery, Science, Lore (Llewellyn Publishing 2024)
Debra researches the wondrous phenomena of stellar evolution, focusing on the astrophysical origins of the “star dust” of which we are all made. She also has guided student research into storm formation and the charging mechanism of thunderstorms that creates lightning.

Debra is an elder in the Georgian Tradition of Wicca as well as a practitioner of her own version of Ozark Mountain Witchery focusing on Weather magic, working with bones and using native plants in her practice.

A 3rd Generation+ farmer, Debra raises cattle and horses. She is also a haven to a variety of rescue animals including miniature horses and donkeys, dogs and cats. You can hear about all her adventures on her YouTube podcast “Diary of a Physicist Farmgal” or explore her bone art and jewelry in her Facebook group “Stories of the Bones”. Workshop: Weather Magic 101This ain’t your granny’s weather magic! Learn to find the energy hidden in weather to find a new magical ally

Tish Owen is a mother, daughter, grandmother, wife, business owner, witch, candle maker, brewer, sailor, Pagan church leader, festival organizer, psychic, and author. She was born and raised and still lives in Nashville, TN. It is the buckle of the so-called Bible Belt. Despite that, she owned a metaphysical shop for 25 years, offers readings and other services from her office, and runs the largest Pagan gathering in the southeast. She is a regular in the media, from print to magazines, to radio and television, and she admits to loving radio the best.

Eira Eriksdottir is an eclectic witch who practices many different aspects of magic. She currently holds a BIS in Interdisciplinary Studies as well as being Doctor of Divinity. Her focus is on how people live and work together. Her papers on Religious Communes and what causes them to succeed or fail was well received at the PCA/ACA conferences in 2017 and 2018. She has met with the Shakers and the Oyotunji African Villages and documented the success of both communities. Her class Homemade Magick and the Creation of a Magician- has evolved from her reading of Lon Milo Duquette’s books on his life. Eira wears many hats in her mundane life- editor, proofreader, minister, counselor, parent, and grandparent. Learning is her passion, and sharing what she has learned enriches her life. Workshop: Homemade Magick and the Creation of a Magician

Atalanta Moonfire, also known as The Bone Witch, is an eclectic grey witch, currently focusing on Bone Magick and Hoodoo. She is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach & Spiritual Advisor thru Bone Divination. Atalanta travels across the US, teaching Throwing Bones Divination & Bone Magick. Atalanta has walked the pagan path since 14 years old, and has specialized in divination for over 30 years.

Atalanta is also a budding author. Her first book, “Throwing the Bones, Divination For the Modern Practitioner”, was released in July of 2020. Her next book, “Throwing the Bones, Tools for the Advanced Diviner & Bone Magick” will be released this year, and will dive deeper into the art of Osteomancy, as well as give an introduction to Bone Magick.

In 2022 Atalanta released her first show, “Everyday Witchcraft”, on Pagan World TV. Her newest project, “Soul Connection”, is a mini series which takes you on a journey of communicating with your soul and higher self. Both shows currently air on Witchcraft TV. Workshop: Intro toThrowing the Bones Divination