Merchant Row

Our Sponsors

aromaG’s Botanica – the aromagregory co – Metaphysical, spiritual, and magical supplies. Hoodoo oil, Saint and angel oils, soaps, candles. Visit our website or find us on Facebook. Platinum Sponsor

Divine Intentions – We sell new-age metaphysical witchy supplies for all occasions. With over 30 years of experience, we do our best to keep the items you need at the best prices. Our inventory includes but is not limited to the following: books, jewelry, incense, gems, crystals, herbs, candles, essential and aroma oils, statues, home decor, soap and bath bombs, many types of sage and smudge supplies, and a whole lot more. If you don’t see it just ask. Find us on Facebook. Gold Sponsor

Pagan World Project Ltd – Online Magical and Metaphysical Education, Books, Altar items etc. Visit our website or find us on Facebook. Gold Sponsor

Ravenwood Meadery – North Alabama’s first and only meadery, specializing in small, hand crafted batches. We also stock meadery swag, a good variety of horn products and keep a small selection of books and relevant Norse merchandise. Visit our website or find us on Facebook. Gold Sponsor

Americans United for Separation of Church and State – Materials about our message. Visit our website or find us on Facebook. Silver Sponsor

Crooked Crossroads Society – We’ll be offering homeopathic remedies like fire cider, elderberry syrup, tea & simmer pot blends, poppets, candles, and other folk witchcraft items. I may also offer readings and consultations. Find us on Facebook or visit our Classroom. Bronze Sponsor

Our Other Merchants

Peace Love and Barnwood – Wood burning art, handmade wooden board games, Altar tables, and spirit boards. Find us on Facebook.

Sacred Treasures – T-shirts, esoteric items, jewelry, carved boxes, oils, and incense sticks. Sublimation items in design.

Nana’s Lemonade & Fruit Chillers – Hand squeezed 32 oz. Lemonades with available Flavors Mango, strawberry, cherry, Mai-tai, Passion fruit, and Raspberry. Sugar-free available with Splenda and diet ginger beer mixer. TN Sunset hand-squeezed orange/lemon/lime drink with agave, grenadine, and Sprite.

Demeter Springs Farm – Veteran family polyculture regenerative farm. At fairs/festivals, we sell our value-added apothecary/herbals line Earth Rose Herbals (no CBD products), fiber art made with natural fiber, wood carvings, herbs, and nursery plants. Visit our website or find us on Facebook. We are also on Instagram and Tiktok as @demeterspringsfarm.

2 Nerds and a Dog – We create a mashup of handmade and natural collectibles. We make nerdy fan art pieces from across different movies, tv shows, books, and video games. We sell woodwork, up-cycled lamps (and other pieces), crystals and stones, sensory bottles, and much more. We also offer witchy wares such as pocket altars, wire-wrapped crystal brooms, walking sticks and canes, “man-eating” plants, and tarot decks. Visit our website or find us on Facebook. We are also on TikTok.

Beechwood Creek – Crystals and crystal merchandise. Find us on Facebook.

Fabled Raven – I handcraft witchy and cottage-core style home decor using real preserved flowers, crystals, ethically sourced butterflies, moths, and animal bones, and skulls. I make floral wreaths, besoms, intention/spell jars, carved and decorated selenite, flower, crystal, butterfly, and bone art including framed wall art, mounted plaques, terrariums, shadowboxes, and oddity jars. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Glitter and Toadstools – Original art, prints, jewelry, accessories, and homewares made using my drawings. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Ephemoracle Creations – Ephemoracle Creations offers unique and magical ceramic pieces. Invite delight and curiosity through ceramic art. Find me on Instagram.

Iris + Gem – We offer a variety of unique handcrafted copper electroformed jewelry and accessories. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Chandler’s Dezigns – I make jewelry and accessories using crystals and intricate wire wrapping techniques. Most of my jewelry is made of sterling silver and copper with crystals and gemstones. I make crystal crowns and hair pieces as well as car vent clips. I also handcraft blank note wards that feature my original nature photographs on the fronts. Visit my Etsy store or find me on Facebook.

Sarah’s Engraving – Wood engraving plaques/ decor, coasters, tumblers, rune bracelets/jewelry, resin statues, hand-turned wood pens, all of a Norse Pagan variety. You can find me on Facebook.

Miss Daisy’s All Natural Boutique – We are an all-natural soy candle business. We make candles ranging from 2oz to 2 lbs. And everything in between. We have a large variety of scents and collections to appease all shoppers. We also hand-make all-natural body care (bug off, cooling spray, body oil, lip oil, beard oil), home care (room spray, yoga mat cleaner, antibacterial cleaner, altar kits, sage, & palo santo), and pet care products (bug off, shampoo, deodorizer, calming conditioner). Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Galdramenn – Arts and crafts, altar materials, home decor, and jewelry

Dinkyinked Arts – Original dark art created with colored pencils and ink and merch such as prints, buttons and pins, stickers, patches, totes, and shirts. I also carry 7-day candles with my artwork on the labels, small framed original art, and zodiac and intention bottles. My work is inspired by paganism, witchcraft, mythos, and the circle of nature. My subjects are those in the natural world, such as animals, fungi, insects, and flora. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Rowan Clan Designs – Yarn crochet, handmade jewelry, laser engraved wood, and 3d printed products. Find me on Facebook.

Dwarven Stonecraft and Lapidary – Rock and mineral carvings and specimens, crystals, jewelry, fossils.

Elemental Moon Arts – Elemental Moon Arts is a woman-owned company focused on creating wearable talismans in the form of handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. My goal is to help imbue people’s lives with everyday wearable magic, enriching the personal power that lies just below the surface. My art is inspired by celestial bodies, folklore & myth, the occult, and the natural world. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

The Crooked Door – Witchy pagan creations- altar boards, witches’ bells, tarot bags, bones, earrings, salts, hangings, signs, spirit boards, and whatever other awesome randomness flows from me. Find me on Facebook.

Mystic Brew – body chains and jewelry with a steampunk, witchy, and alt theme. You can find me on Instagram.

Izzy’s Unique1 – Silver, Chain mail, Wire wrap in (earring, bracket, and necklace) 925, silver, copper &brass. I am a jewelry maker. Crochet wearable items, dragon scale fingerless gloves, mandala circle vest, bralette & so much more. I’m on Instagram and Facebook.

The Epiphany Dreams Life – waist beads, nose cuffs, anklets, bracelets, wrapped crystal rings and necklaces, earrings, hair jewelry, spiritual tarot readings, manifestation candles, wreaths, palo santo, and sage wands. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Ravenback Supply Co / Well & Witchy – Leatherwork (jewelry, armor, satchels, tarot boxes), Bone carved and wood rune sets, jewelry, totems. Rune Readings, tarot readings. Bespoke Spell and Ritual supplies/ritual boxes. Organic and handmade self-care goods: sugar scrubs, salt mixes, beard oils, perfume. Smokeless aura cleansing sprays. Simmer pot mixes. And the occasional home/decor craft. Visit our website or Find us on Facebook.

GrimStylesArt – D&D dice and related items, handmade products, runic dice, tarot dice, and other trinkets. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Monkey-Pup Creations – 3d printed and hand-painted koozie mugs, dice towers, dice bottles, gaming props, and associated items. Visit my website.

Delvina Creations – Handmade jewelry, reusable cloth drawstring bags, tie-dye items.

The Scarlet Mystic – Tarot Readings, Spell/Meditation kits, magical journey kits, loose incense, herb-infused roll-on oils, charm casting kits, fiction novels I have written, oracle deck I have personally created, tarot decks, some stones/crystals. Visit my Etsy store or find me on Facebook.

Crafty Connoisseur – Beaded jewelry and crochet items. Find me on Facebook.

Go To Neil’s Show – CLOTHING, SRONGS, TOPESTRIES, and other Assen diaries. You can find me on Pagan World.

Herbaceous Goods – Handcrafted herbal products such as teas, salves, and extracts. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Beloved Viking Vinyl – Vinyl decals all of a pagan design, shirts, etched glass, license plates, jewelry, and backpack. Visit my Etsy store or find me on Facebook.

Blessed Be Cakery – Macarons, cupcakes, cookies, and sweets! Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Magical Eclectica/Roximoon /Temple of the Rising Moon – Bath salts, herb powders, dressed candles, oils, tarot readings, and rune readings. Find us on Facebook.

Fern Rising – Polymer clay jewelry, accessories, decor, and figurines inspired by nature, magic, and whimsical folklore. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

She Be The Art Witch – Hand-painted card and completely hand-stitched Totems.

Moon Shine Suds – Allergy-friendly Treasure Soaps and other bubbly magics! Rainbow Crystal Soaps, soaps with toys in them, soaps with crystals, Blood Bag Body Washes, and much, much more! Visit my Etsy store or find me on Facebook.

The Ten of Cups – Handmade sterling silver jewelry with hand cut stones. Nature themed wooden wick candles. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Intake Intuition – Palm Reader/Psychic. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Wicked Treasure – I make and sell hand-crafted jewelry, fairy crowns, and trinket boxes. I also sell 925 sterling silver rings, parasols, hand fans, and scarves. Visit my Etsy store or find me on Facebook.

Jane Delaine Designs – Shirts, tumblers, pens, bags, pet apparel, car coasters, signs, and ornaments. Find me on Facebook.

Sew Cute – Hand embroidery, mini magic bottles, crocheted goods, sleeveless crop top hoodies, hats, and fingerless gloves. Find me on Facebook.

Nashville’s Astrologer – Tarot and palm readings. Sell crystals, jewelry, journals, mystical gifts, and herbs. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Majestic Lotus Designs – Handmade crystal bracelets, crystal carvings, specimens and tumbles, incense and burners, dreamcatchers, oils, and burners. Find me on Facebook.

Moonlight Creations – Dreamcatchers, Owl Dreamcatchers, Fur Dream Catchers with real Deer Skull, Macrame Plant Holders, Macrame Crystal Holders, Yarn Dolls and etc.

Winchester Resin and Crafts – Resin crafts such as boxes, tarot cards, alter tables, storage jars, and boxes. Also other crafts such as spell jars, dream catchers, handmade bags, and more! Find me on Facebook.

The Black Flame Craft Co. – Ornate handmade tumblers, divination boards, altar accessories and resin work. Visit my website.

SanctUUary of Light Prison Ministry – Non-profit information about pagan and UU prison ministry. We will be selling a variety of donated handmade crafts as a food bank fundraising project. Visit our website or find us on Facebook.

Purple Sage Photography – Aura and chakra photography. Some handmade jewelry. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Midnight Oil – Midnight Oil is a product brand based in Lexington, KY. We design pennants, patches, pins, and other surprises. A little bit retro, a little bit punk rock, a little bit loud. We are maker-owned (that means you’re working directly with the artists). Everything we make is designed in-house, and sourced as ethically as we can manage. Visit us at our website.

Maiden, Mother, & Crone – “Build a Bottle” – patron picks all content to put into a spell jar, sets intentions, and chooses the finishing touches such as wax cover or type of necklace to wear the spell. Other unique handmade jewelry, simmer pots, crystals, handmade fashion of eclectic type, tie-dye clothes, handmade scrubs, oils, lotions, and roll trays.

Spill the Tea with Amber – Combination tarot & tea leaf readings. And you get to keep your cup and spoon. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Nene’s Workshop – Embroidery includes patches, personal items, altar cloths, and candle mats. Celtic holiday decor.

Kookie Now by Donna – Cookies, soul cakes, freeze-dried candy, water, soda.

Aquarian Folk – A metaphysical general store. We will be selling a variety of goods, such as hot or iced coffee, tasty treats, fine art prints, hand-crafted leather goods, simmer pot kits, as well as houseplants.

The Traveling Dragon – Intuitive touch energy healing.

LLSF Leather Goods – Vividly hand-tooled leather accessories. All hand-crafted by me. Including, but not limited to bags, belts, journals, jewelry, and fashion accessories. I also hand-carve drinking horns. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Divination by Destiny – Tarot/oracle readings and intuitive spirit messages.

Divinity Witch Apothecary – Bath and Body Care, Crystal Candles, Soy Candles, Bath Bombs, Bubble Bath Scoops, Soap, Shower Steamers, Bath Salt Soaks, Herbal Teas. Visit my Etsy store or find me on Facebook.

Sacred Spiral Brooms & More – I make wire-wrapped kyanite brooms (or wands) with different chip stone beads & charms. For different purposes whether that be to sweep negativity off your altar space, for decoration, or for your car’s review mirror. I also make gemstone stretchy bracelets, various wire-wrapped pendants, suncatchers & earrings. You can find me on Facebook.

BlackCatByKaitlyn – Crocheted items (toys, hats, etc.), tumbled/polished stones, incense (sticks and cones), soaps (vegan-friendly and non-vegan friendly), embroidery, and drawings (watercolor penciled). Visit m Etsy store.

Indigo – At Indigo, I focus on creating a vast variety of beeswax and coconut oil candles that can be used for spellwork and their enchanting ambiance. I infuse them with an assortment of crystals, wax decorations, and herbs/flowers mostly harvested from here at the Indigo Cottage in Dickson, Tennessee. I also craft handmade incense sticks, ritual oils, intention perfumes, simmer pots, and herbal smoke cleansing bundles. I supply items such as crystals, tarot, and spiritual books as well. It is my goal to provide you with a modern take on witchy supplies while sourcing as many ingredients as I can from my cottage for your everyday, magickal life. Visit me at my website.

Creations by Dragon & Fairy – Resin art, woodworking, photography, oracle readings, geometrical optical art, and more. Find me on Facebook.

An Enchanted Emporium – Chicken feet, handmade fairy crowns, hair accessories, scoops of magick.

KATOS Emporium – I’m a live-streaming small-town popular psychic medium with a blue checkmark on Instagram and about 70,000 followers on TikTok! Tarot readings and mediumship under a tent are what I’m offering! Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Adirondak Animist – A variety of Pagan and otherwise spiritual products. Primarily Resin and Woodburnt Products and Candles. Mostly along Norse or Irish Pagan designs but other Pagan groups are also represented by our products. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

The House of Ravens – Crystals, crystal jewelry, herbs, metaphysical items such as decor, incense and shelves. Find me on Facebook.

Shadow Witch Designs – All merchandise handmade or custom designed – keychains, earrings, tote bags, canvas bags, magnets, pop sockets, candles, stickers, cups, vinyl decals, iron-on patches, car coasters, air fresheners, etched glass, moss art, pins, beanies, accessories. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

The Twisted Dragon – We will be bringing our handmade incenses, loose leaf and cone, sticks, a variety of magical goods and decor items, handmade magical oils, dream pillows, spell kits, statues, candles, handmade jewelry, dressed candles, and a number of magical items and spell components. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Nimbus Creations – Leather crafts/jewelry and sewing, corsets, flower crowns, and miscellaneous