Merchant Row

Our Sponsors

aromaG’s Botanica – the aromagregory co – Metaphysical, spiritual, and magical supplies. Hoodoo oil, Saint and angel oils, soaps, candles. Visit our website or find us on Facebook. Platinum Sponsor

Divine Intentions – We sell new-age metaphysical witchy supplies for all occasions. With over 30 years of experience, we do our best to keep the items you need at the best prices. Our inventory includes but is not limited to the following: books, jewelry, incense, gems, crystals, herbs, candles, essential and aroma oils, statues, home decor, soap and bath bombs, many types of sage and smudge supplies, and a whole lot more. If you don’t see it just ask. Visit our website or find us on Facebook. Gold Sponsor

Peace Love and Barnwood/ Etchings by MJ – Wood burning art. Pagan, dragon, faery, and Viking inspired plaques, board games, altar tables, spirit boards. Find me on Facebook. Gold Sponsor

Majestic Lotus Designs – Crystal carvings, specimens and tumbles, incense and burners, dream catchers. Find me on Facebook. Gold Sponsor

Asphyxia Resin – Resin items so many too mention. Also super patches. Find me on Facebook. Gold Sponsor

CNC Crafts N More: We are a vendor shop full of artistians full of pagan art. Find me on Facebook. Gold Sponsor

Sacred Treasures – T-shirts, Tumblers, Coffee Mugs, Jewelry, wooden boxes, ceramic items, flip-flops, and more as I create and make. Find me on Facebook. Gold Sponsor

Rocio’s Spiritual Botanica – Statues, candles, oils, sage, incense, gemstone bracelets, spiritual baths, books, tarot cards, etc. Visit my website or find me on Facebook. Silver Sponsor

Indigo Tennessee – Since 2019, I have specialized in being Dickson, Tennessee’s original supplier of handcrafted and eccentric witchy goods with items such as beeswax spell candles, ritual oils, intention perfumes, simmer pots, smoke cleansing bundles, magickal tea blends, herbal prerolls, salves, spell jars, and cleansing sprays. I also carry tools such as tarot/oracle decks, spiritual books, and crystals. Because I live on family farm land that has been passed down through generations, I’ve made it a priority in my business to honor my green witchery roots and source as many herbs and flowers off my property as possible for all my handcrafted items to provide an even more personal approach to my ritual supplies. Visit my website or find me on Facebook. Silver Sponsor

Nana’s Lemonade – Handsqueezed lemonades with lots of amazing flavors. Fresh strawberries and mango. Poppin’ Juice Boba added for free! Three sugar free option. Find me on Instagram. Bronze Sponsor

SpiritsSpeak – Intuitive Readings. Empathic readings Spirit Divination,, cleansings and Spirit work. Bronze Sponsor

Our Other Merchants

Fabled Raven – Bone and nature inspired art and jewelry, chainmail jewelry, travel altar kits, floral besom brooms and wreaths, butterfly terrariums and shadowboxes, oddity art. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Passions Crafts & Critters – I run a DND themed booth, I also sell small fairy and cottage core themed jewelry and buttons. The dnd game is a my best seller, rolling a dice down a dice tower and winning a coordinated prize. Find me on Facebook.

The Bone Witch – I do Bone Divination (aka Bone Readings) I also sell spell bags and cleansing bags, love/luck/anxiety keychains, miniature bone kits, and I have a “build your own” bone kit setup. Fimd me on Facebook.

An Enchanted Emporium – We sell chicken feet as art and for protection, seasonal handmade crowns and hair accessories, handmade intention paper, meditation bottles, bath salts, various small magical items. Scoops Of Magick think grabbagXdivination the person comes away with things like herbs, oil, washes,alter decor. Find us on Facebook.

Healing Amulet – Handmade folk magic oils and candles, spell kits and bottles, healing oils and candles, ritual bathing products, herbal incense. Reiki infused amulets and spiritual goods. visit my website of find me on Facebook.

The House of Ravens – Metaphysical items, herbs,books, homemade shelves and so much more! Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Miss Daisy’s All Natural Boutique – We are an all-natural soy candle business. We make candles ranging from 2oz to 2 lbs. And everything in between. We have a large variety of scents and collections to appease all shoppers.
We also hand-make all-natural body care (bug off, cooling spray, body oil, lip oil, beard oil), home care (room spray, yoga mat cleaner, antibacterial cleaner, altar kits, sage, & palo santo), and pet care products (bug off, shampoo, deodorizer, calming conditioner). Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Flying M Designs – My list of items is always evolving, but here is a list of some of the items. Ritual aides, antler jewelry, tarot bags, and leather works. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Elemental Moon Arts – Sterling silver jewelry and talismans. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Glitter and Toadstools – Prints, jewelry, mugs, card decks, greeting cards, stickers featuring my original art. Visit my website, check out my Instagram or find me on Facebook.

Chandler’s Dezigns – I am the one woman show of Chandler’s Dezigns! I create unique wire wrapped jewelry pieces and accessories using crystals and gemstones and sterling silver and copper wire. My pieces reflect the deep connection I have with Mother Earth. In addition to my jewelry, I also make stunning crystal crowns, crystal vent clips and hair pieces. Visit my Etsy store or find me on Facebook.

BlackCatByKaitlyn – I sell crocheted items, candles, and tumbled stones. Everything is handmade by me! Visit my Etsy store.

Wyrd Wife – Occult inspired stained glass & art prints, handcrafted ritual supplies, magic zine booklets.

Silver Fox Sweets – Handcrafted, small batch gourmet fudge in over 170 flavors made in Southern Middle TN by myself and my husband. Find me on Facebook.

DinkyInked Arts – Original dark art created with colored pencil and ink inspired by nature, paganism, mysticism, and witchcraft. I also have merch such as stickers, prints, buttons and pins, hand dipped incense in custom scents, zodiac charm bottles, and lino printed items, all with my original art. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Divination by Destiny – Tarot & Palmistry.

Wicked Treasure – Hand crafted jewelry, fairy crowns, sterling silver rings, parasols, fans, and scarves. Find me on Facebook.

Papa Gee’s Folk Magic Studio – books. Will be setting up an author booth exclusively for my books and possibly some spell demonstrations from the books. Currently have 13 titles but expect to have 15 in print by day of event. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

The Epiphany Dreams Life -Waist beads, nose cuffs, anklets, bracelets, rings and necklaces (handmade jewelry), earrings, hair jewelry, spiritual tarot readings, manifestation candles, smudge fans, palo santo, lavender and sage wands. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Moon Shine Suds – I hand make allergy friendly Treasure Soaps and Blood Bag Body Washes. Some of my soaps light up, some glow in the dark, and most of them have a little toy inside to encourage frequent use. Visit my Etsy store or find me on TikTok and Facebook.

Spill the Tea with Amber – I offer combination tarot and tea leaf readings and the client gets to keep their cup, spoon, and saucer! Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Demeter Springs Farm – Herbal products mostly, no cannabis. Some natural fiber art. Maybe some nursery herb plants. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Dwarven Stonecraft and Lapidary – We sell crystal formations, rock sculptures, pendants, specimens, fossils, and jewelry.

Blossoms & Broomsticks – Handmade brooms, wood turned bowls, candlesticks, and custom lampshades. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

WolfCraft – I make jewelery, faescapes, Manifestation boxes, resin art and bone art. I am also a psychic medium and will be selling readings at this booth. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Bell, Book and Bone – Bell, Book and Bone offers ancestor and intuitive guided tarot and bone readings. I also provide super charged localized reiki for problem areas and blocked chakras. I have herbs, crystals, and towers available, as well as jewelry that is handmade and guided by the messages given to me by my ancestors. The jewelry is charmed to help with problems you are currently experiencing. Find me on Facebook.

Inhale Artz – original art, prints of pieces. Painted on canvas and wood. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Earth Circle Creations – Soaps, sage, salt lamps and more! Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

The Eclectic Road – Metaphysical, crystals, tarot, incense, clothing from India, jewelry. Find me on Facebook.

Styx & Stones – We offer handcrafted Witch Bells, Mullein torches/candles, raw beeswax candles, locally crafted, Pagan inspired jewelry, Pagan Prayer Beads, tea & bath blends, & handcrafted decor. Find us on Facebook.

Divinity Witch Apothecary – Kids Potion Play Kits, Coconut/Soy Candles, Crystal Candles, Sugar Scrubs, Kids Bath Crayons, Shower Steamers, Bath Bombs, Body Oil, Room Sprays. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Mystic Storm Botanica – Tarot & Oracle Card Readings, Fixed Candles, Bath Salts, Incense, Jewelry, Herbal Tea, Shea Butter. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Of Tarot and Dreams – Tarot and oracle readings. Visit my Etsy store or findme on Facebook.

Sacred Spiral Brooms & More – Reiki chakra balancing, black kyanite brooms, stretchy gemstone bracelets, suncatchers, pendants, earrings & more! Find me on Facebook.

Guild of Venus – Apothecary items,Hearth Witchery and baked goods, Spiritual Art, and Ritual Items. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Tarot by Lady Anya – $45 full celtic cross tarot readings, no time limit. Find me on Facebook.

Katie’s Corner – Hand made Crafts

Monster Mash-ups – Paintings and Prints. I take Thrift Store finds and classic prints and add monsters and pop culture icons. Find me on Instagram.

Sleepy Hollow Sounds – I sell painted busts of deities, dark Angel statues, and other various painted and sculpted wares. Find me on Etsy.

Sahirat Alqamar ساحرة القمر – Oracle Readings and original artwork. Sahirat Alqamar means “Moon Witch” in Arabic since I am a lunar witch.

Stories of the Bones/Sticks & Stones – Bone art, meditation beads, magic, wands, pointy hats, crystals, bone, art altarpieces, bone, wands, enamel pins, Mirrors, original prints, mushroom pendants, Spiders. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Meet Your Mirror – Intuitive Astrology Readings* (my primary divination tool especially for rapid in-person, walk-up sessions..) Human Design Readings, Gene Key Hologenetic Readings. I specialize in “on the spot” sessions, using just the individual’s birth info. I have been a practicing professional Astrologer for 3 years. Over 1300 individual and group sessions to date. Find me on Facebook.

Basic.Ash.TreatS – plant based desserts made from scratch in small batch. Cookies, Coffee cake, Brownies, Cakes, things grandma use to make. Check out my Instagram.

Yellow Skye Tarot – Tarot readings. Visit my website or find me on Facebook.

Charity’s Charms – Runes, jewelry, spells, candles, brooms, possibly wreaths, temporary tattoos, magnets, dressing oils, and more. Visit my Etsy store or find me on Facebook.

Garden & Grave Curiosities – Art pieces and jewelry made from animals that have naturally deceased. Find me on Facebook.

Temple of the Rising Moon – tarot and rune readings, fan.

Riddle Top Curio Shop And Divination – Appalachian (and Appalachian/southern inspired) folk magic curios such as mojo bags, horseshoes, and similar charms. Selling divination tools like pendulums, herbal sprays, and cruelty free antler “bone” reading sets. Will also be giving readings including card and bone readings.

Conjuring Crow – Occult, bones, gothic stuff and other cool things, definitely not suitable for church sales.

Sarah’s Engraving and Apparel – Wood, slate, engravings, bracelets, cloaks, Viking hoods, honey, hand turned pens. Find me on Facebook.

Witch of the Woods – Tarot & charm readings, knit shawls, handmade rugs, handmade incense bundles, mini spell jars, black salt, mirror boxes, stickers. Visit my website.

LeValley’s Chaotic Kreations – We sell custom bamboo cutting boards, custom chess and checkers boards, cups,, dominoes, resin work, and, crystals, Bath salts, Essential oils, keychains, ornaments. Find me on Facebook.

The Kettle’s Corn – Kettle Corn

Ten of Cups – Handmade sterling silver jewelry with hand cut gemstones and nature themed woodwick candles. Find me on Facebook.

The Trendy Soul – Bath slats, soaps, lotion, shirts, cups, jewelry, crystals, etc.

Gentle Dragon Bakery / Weenie Wraps – Gentle Dragon Bakery. 100% vegan and GF friendly.
I would likely bring Viking bread, buckwheat rustic loaves (GF), beer bread, cider loaves (GF) and something pumpkin, as well as apple. Weenie Wraps- Halloween themed lap throws and dog blankets; long dog seasonal tees; dog bandanas – prints for fall, Halloween, dragons, stars, etc. Find me on Facebook.