Local Witchery: the Unique Magic of Where You Live – Whether urban, suburban, or rural wherever you live is full of spirits. Animist witches have the opportunity to get to know the bedrock beneath their feet, the water moving through their landscape, and the many creatures of leaf and feather, fur and exoskeleton, bark, and mycorrhiza who are part of their local community. From an individual plant spirit to the genus loci of a place, we’ll dig into practices and ideas for becoming the witch of wherever you are. Participants will leave with further resources and rituals for their journey into a deeply rooted sense of place and the power of hyperlocal witchery. Presenter: Christine Grace, M.Div., M.Ed.

Norse Paganism, An introduction – An introduction to Norse paganism, that will be spread among not only the path itself but of the Gods we venerate, as well as the multitudes of practice and the fight we endure on a daily basis. There will be information on what we do, and also a bit about the misinformation that is spread wildly among the community. Presenter: Stephen McCormack, Chieftain of the Copperhead Kindred of the TN Valley