Animal Tails Mundane & Magickal – Oberon and Morning Glory lived their 40 years together in the midst of a veritable zoo of animals, wild and domestic, mundane and magickal. They worked with Wildlife Rescue and Critter Care in wild animal rescue, rehabilitation, and release. In addition to the usual cats, they shared their lives and homes with giant snakes (boas, pythons), lizards (iguanas, tegus, geckos, bearded dragons), deer, a feral pig, several sweet possums (Participle, Raspberry, Able, Blossom), a great horned owl (Archimedes), a regal golden pheasant, adolescent green herons, liberated lab rats, Guinea pigs, weaselly ferrets, wascally wabbits, and most famously, authentic living Unicorns. Each of these were real characters, and Oberon will share some of their amusing stories. Presenter: Oberon Zell

Correllian Soul Retrieval – Soul Retrieval is a powerful technique of self-healing which allows you to reclaim parts of your energy that have been blocked off from you. Correllian Soul Retrieval approaches this process differently than Shamanic Soul Retrieval, working from a more existential energetic paradigm. It is extremely useful for Shadow Work, whether you are consciously aware of the issues in need of healing or not. Presenter: Rev. Don Lewis

Hecate Our Mother Goddess – We will learn about the Mother Goddess, Hecate. Each of us that desires to follow Hecate will receive a key, which is one of Her symbols. We will touch on some of Her other symbols, stones, and ways to celebrate Here in your lives. Presenter: Rev Cheryl Cotton

Myths for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – Myths are an important part of how humans understand the divine. There is some truth to most myths that have been orally passed from person to person over the millennium. This workshop explores the concept of myth in a unique way with hands on creation and implementation of a “new” myth, just for this event. Presenter: Alfred Willowhawk

Poseidon the “forgotten” deity – This workshop examines the ancient pre-classical mythology and rituals of Poseidon. Learn how connecting with Poseidon can assist you in maintaining a healthy attitude toward yourself and others. Learn the secret of Respect of Self and Others. This is only the third time this workshop has been presented and the second time outside of Southern Missouri. Presenter: Alfred Willowhawk

The Vibrational Being- Resonating with the Chakras – Have you ever heard a song that you really jived with and then you just couldn’t get it out of your head for hours, days or weeks? Or you have a song stuck in your head and you just don’t know why? Perhaps the songs in your head are telling you something about your energy and vibrational pattern. This workshop will enhance you to resonate with the chakras to heighten your energies. Presenter: Rowan FaeFire

Hex Appeal – Cursing or crossing someone requires talent, commitment, and a dash of hate. But is jinxing someone always a bad thing? In this dark arts workshop, we will cover baneful magic, removing troublesome people from your life, crossing up your enemies, extracting revenge, the ethics of hexing, and how the art of the hex is sometimes considered to be a proactive form of protection work. To balance the light and dark, Papa Gee will also cover the ways to remove hexes and how to prevent them from coming back. Presenter: Papa Gee

Leprechaun Funding – How do you finance your dreams when you have no cash? Fulfill your wishes with help from the Internet and a little knowledge from the Leprechauns themselves. Presenter: Ed Hubbard

Building the Astral Temple – What is an astral temple? How do you build one? Why is it important to build one? How do you use an astral temple once you build one? Presenter: Tish Owen