Party with the Nashville Pagans

We at Nashville Pagan Pride Day are really excited about this event! We have excellent local readers lined up who practice a wide variety of divination methods. Tarot, Runes, Palmistry, and Threads of Fate. You may want more than one reading. 🙂

Desserts will be provided by Cakes and Confections. Surf over to their Facebook page and check them out (

So what desserts will be available? Glad you asked!:

Standard Package:

Tarot cookie
Rune cookie
Pecan bar
This package includes one reading. ($15)

Premium Package:

Tarot cookie
Rune cookie
Pecan bar
Brownie bites
Cake in a jar
This package includes one reading and one raffle ticket. ($30)

Just a reminder – You can pre-order a Standard package or buy it at the door. Premier packages are pre-order only. Use the link on the Facebook Event.

So … you get yummy deserts, interesting readings, a raffle, and a fun night out with local pagans in a very cool location. Sounds like a recipe for magick to me.

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